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The Exchange Between High Level Health Officials of Cuba and the United States Continues

The recent exchange between officials of Cuba and the United States is building a more favorable framework for the relationship between the two countries.

From March 28 to April 1st, a delegation from Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health, headed by the Minister, Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, visited the United States. The visit included meetings with high-level Americans, including the deputy secretary and general managers of the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Starwood Commits to Cuba

Starwood Hotels and Resorts has announced that they have signed an agreement for the administration of three hotels in Cuba. Almost 60 years have passed since an American hotel company last had operations on the Island.

The company obtained authorization from the Treasury Department to operate the following hotels in Cuba: The Hotel Inglaterra and the Hotel Fifth Avenue, both in Havana and the Hotel Santa Isabel, a planned luxurious collection property as outlined in an executed letter of intent.

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The President of the United States visit Cuba

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, is in Cuba on an official visit that began yesterday and will run until tomorrow. Air Force One landed in Havana with the first family under a nonstop drizzle, with millions of attentive viewers around the world, as well as thousands of Cubans who came to the streets of Havana to welcome POTUS.

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New Agreement Favors Investment Conditions in Cuba for European Entrepreneurs

Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary General for Economic and Global Affairs of the European External Action Service, and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Abelardo Moreno, signed an "Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation" between Cuba and the European Union yesterday. This document was the result of about two years of work between the two delegations to achieve a new relationship between their governments.

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Air Bridges Between Cuba and USA Expand.

The governments of Cuba and the United States signed a historic agreement on civil aviation last month that includes regular routes, nonexistent for over 50 years. U.S. airlines have wasted no time in submitting their applications to the Treasury Department, including United, Delta or American Airlines.

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Cuba is an Energy Rich Country

Any average day the Sun pours on Cuba 323 million barrels of crude oil, worth 9.7 billion USD at current prices. Put into perspective this is three times the annual energy consumption of the whole country (103 million barrels of oil equivalent). 14% of Cuba’s land area is covered by urban spaces, assuming 30% of this land area were roofs covered with photovoltaic panels with a 12% efficiency, Cuba could collect from its rooftops, in 63 days, its annual energy consumption.

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The Development of Photovoltaics in Cuba

The Development of Photovoltaics in Cuba

The Sierra del Rosario has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Coffee plantations with grated lights, crowned with orchids, bromeliads and curujeys sit underneath the natural forest alongside of the road. It's trumped hills with cubist slopes offer a vertigo of height and time, from which sprout whimsical palms as merciless arrows on the back of a giant. This splendor blesses some of the poorest families in Cuba. In these rich and lush mountains, photovoltaic panels on doctor's offices, rural schools and community video centers begin, where the  power lines end.

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Growth and Pollution


Some time ago, two photos depicting the evolution of Shanghai after China's economic reforms went viral. The first one represents the Shanghai of 1990 and the other shows the Shanghai of 2010, a city that, in just two decades, was touching the clouds with its skyscrapers.

There is no doubt that economic growth was rapid. However, there have been significant environmental and human health costs for the Asian country. Just last week, they set an air quality alert in the city, categorizing it as “moderately polluted”. The city’s residents had no alternative but to wait for the the winds to shift and clear most of the pollutants.

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Cuba and the State of the Union address

Obama, State of the Union 2016

It is becoming commonplace that the President of the United States refers to the state of relations with Cuba in the State of the Union address. In his speech back in 2015, he referred to the old policy of isolating Cuba as an expired policy. In 2016, he reaffirms his intention to implement policies that improve the lives of the Cuban people and calls for the lifting of the embargo.

In his words: "“Let me give you another example. Fifty years of isolating Cuba had failed to promote democracy, and set us back in Latin America. That’s why we restored diplomatic relations -- (applause) -- opened the door to travel and commerce, positioned ourselves to improve the lives of the Cuban people. (Applause.) So if you want to consolidate our leadership and credibility in the hemisphere, recognize that the Cold War is over -- lift the embargo”

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A 2015 between Havana and Washington

Secretary Kerry Stands for the Cuban National Anthem at the Newly Re-Opened U.S. Embassy Havana

This 2015 will have a special place in the history of relations between Cuba and the United States. They have consolidated many of the aspirations declared the December 17, 2014, when presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced the restoration of relations, despite the great difficulties that were anticipated.

The most important event was the opening of embassies, first in Washington and later by mid-year in Havana. The Secretary of State, John Kerry, would be the first of his office to visit Havana in over half a century.

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