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The President of the United States visit Cuba

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, is in Cuba on an official visit that began yesterday and will run until tomorrow. Air Force One landed in Havana with the first family under a nonstop drizzle, with millions of attentive viewers around the world, as well as thousands of Cubans who came to the streets of Havana to welcome POTUS.

It has been approximately 90 years since a sitting American president has visited the Island, only 90 miles from the Union. This meeting of the Cubans with Barack Obama is the most significant development since December 17, 2014, when the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries was announced by the two heads of state. 

Among the delegation with the U.S. President were other elected representatives and intellectuals, sportsmen and American business people. It is expected that the visit will foster new collaborative initiatives and entrepreneurial projects. Days before the historic arrival of Obama, his administration announced new measures to ease economic sanctions that had been imposed on the Island for several decades.

The presence of Obama and his contacts with the Cubans, as well as the invitation and collaboration by the Cuban government are both indicators of the new sign that will mark the relationship between the two people. The rapprochement with the United States, its cultural similarities, the access to the largest consumer market in the world and the possibility that millions of American tourists boost the economy of the island, generate all good forecasts for the development of foreign investment in Cuba.


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