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A 2015 between Havana and Washington

Secretary Kerry Stands for the Cuban National Anthem at the Newly Re-Opened U.S. Embassy Havana

This 2015 will have a special place in the history of relations between Cuba and the United States. They have consolidated many of the aspirations declared the December 17, 2014, when presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced the restoration of relations, despite the great difficulties that were anticipated.

The most important event was the opening of embassies, first in Washington and later by mid-year in Havana. The Secretary of State, John Kerry, would be the first of his office to visit Havana in over half a century.

The US administration also relaxed many of the restrictions on economic exchanges between the United States and the Island, in sectors including business services, telecommunications, travel, banking and remittances.

Among these measures, it allowed certain U.S. companies to open offices, local storages and other facilities in Cuban territory, which had been an exception. Moreover, US citizens saw a significant increase in their chances for permission to travel to Cuba and to do so with their families.

2015 has seen a meaningful change in the the scenario of the relations and although there is still a huge part to build, there is no doubt that these 12 months have shown the seriousness of the intention of both parties to build a foundation of cooperation for the future.

Hopefully, 2016 will be as productive, if not more, in all aspects of relations between the two countries, for the benefit of the Cuban and American people. Let's play our part..

Happy 2016!

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