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VII PCC Congress Concludes

Today concluded the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, the most important national political forum.

Article 50 of the Cuban constitution states:

Art. 50. The Communist Party of Cuba, “Martiano” and Marxist-Leninist, organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, is the highest leading force of society and the state, which organizes and guides the common effort toward the goals of building socialism and the progress toward a communist society.

 This gives constitutional recognition to the decisions and political lines approved at the level of the party’s central committee, allowing them to be transformed later into laws and regulations that govern the life of the country.

The Sixth Congress of the party, which took place between April 16th and 19th of 2011, began a process of reform called "Updating of the Economic and Social Model of the Revolution", which seeks a transformation of the economic system without the so called "shock therapy ". The forum that concluded today, had a special emphasis on the continuation of this program of transformations with social and economic impact.

As for foreign investment, the forum recognized in its main report that "A Policy for Foreign Investment has been approved, recognizing its importance and necessity for the country's development and we have put in place a new law on this matter, which in tandem to provide incentives and legal certainty to investors, preserves national sovereignty, environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources. "

He also noted in the report that during the past period, "the Mariel Special Development Area was formed with additional advantages for attracting domestic and foreign investors, and the legal framework, infrastructure for settlement and productive deployment ensured in order to generate exports, promote import substitutions, facilitate the transfer of technologies and managerial skills which we know little about, generate long term employment and financing sources and shape the logistics to provide high levels of efficiency. "

As for role of the market in the Cuban economy: "The introduction of the rules of supply and demand is not incompatible with the principle of planning. Both concepts can coexist and complement each other to benefit the country, as has been successfully demonstrated in the reform process in China and of renewal in Vietnam, as they qualify. We have called it update because we will not change the fundamental objective of the Revolution".

Another very important result of the forum was the proposal to establish 60 years as maximum age to enter the Central Committee of the Party. "These amendments regarding deadlines and limits for the ages of management positions, must be fixed in the reform of Constitution of the Republic that we propose for the coming years, considering the significant changes associated with updating the economic and social model and its conceptualization", said the president of the Councils of State and Ministers.

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